Class Schedule

There are cooking classes every day of the week (except on Wednesday which is closed)

Completely hands-on 4 dishes and conducted in English Own cooking station and utensils Lunch of own preparation and cooking Maximum of 10 participants to ensure individual attention

 offers to teach 7 out of 10 top Thai dishes best liked by foreigners, a survey conducted by Office of the National Culture Commission, Ministry of Culture, with more than 1,000 Thai restaurants in major cities around the world, and these delicious dishes are included in our course schedule (* denotes top most favorite Thai dishes)

Moo Satay*
(Tasty strips of grilled marinated pork served with spicy peanut sauce) » 
Kang Keaw Wan Gai*
(Green curry chicken in coconut milk)
Khao Man Som Tam
(Coconut rice and papaya salad with chili lemon sauce)
Khao Niew Mamuang
(Mango Sticky Rice)
Pad Thai*
(Stir fried soft rice noodles with fresh prawns and tamarind sauce)
Tom Kha Gai*
(Chicken in coconut milk soup flavored with
Gai Phad Met Ma Muang Himmaphan*
(Wok stir-fried sliced chicken breast with cashew nuts, pineapple and dried chilli) » 
Tab Tim Krob
(Water chestnuts in syrup with coconut milk) » 
Gai Hor Bai Toey
(Deep fried chicken wrapped in fragrant pandanus leaves)» 
Tom Yam Goong*
(Clear hot and sour broth with prawns)» 
Phat Kra Pow Moo Sab*
(Wok-fried grounded pork with holy basil)» 
Ka Nom Krok
(Coconut Pancakes)
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